About Us

Usak Seramik is founded in 1972 as an aggregate corporation and strarted its test production in 1974. In the following year, 1975, Usak Seramik raised its capacity to 28.000 m2 and in 1978, it prevailed to produce the best quality ceramics in its time, then in 1991 it launched ceramic wall tile production.

Usak Seramik raised its capacity to 80.000 m2 in 2021 and then it was incorporated to Tanislar Group in 2004. Thus, 40 years of experience has come together with Tanislar Group’s innovative vision.

Tanislar Group’s new and technological investments on indoor and outdoor facilities has soared Usak Seramik among the biggest 600 industrial enterprise.

Usak Seramik, which was established on a 400.000 m2 area in Usak City, continually innovates its dynamic product range parallel to its technological investments. It firmly stepping forward to be one of the world’s leading brands with productions of ceramic wall tale, floor tile, kerb, decor and porcelain.

Usak Seramik offers alternative solutions to customer expectations not only with the products having highly demanded dimensions and designs but also products that are durable, high quality and trusted.

With its professional management intelligence, extra attention on design and innovation, customer oriented approach and wide distribution network, Usak Seramik has aimed to be known as modern, competitive, endowed with technological infrastructure and powerful brand in Turkey and abroad.

Usak Seramik’s world class products with ISO 9001, CE and TSE (Turkish Standarts Institution) certifications are produced in 30 millions m2 capacity. With wide franchisee network and ‘non-stop service’ principle, it delivers those world class products to all around Turkey and the USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, and over 40 more countries.

We, as Usak Seramik, are taking firm steps forward with our values, competitive and modern shape to our goal that is to ‘build a Turkish brand in the world’. Usak Seramik celebrates 2021 as its 50st year of success. There started a re-development process within almost half a century, which means a lifetime.