Quality Policy

To contribute to quality awareness through having a product portfolio at the highest possible quality level in accordance with the expectations of customers at the domestic and international ceramic production and marketing industry.

To stay adhered to our quality, economic and esthetical product design principle by producing with a synthesis of cummulated knowledge and experiene of the past and current technology.

To develop modern management strategies and organizations in order to raise the share of Usak Seramik in the growing domestic and international market, and take the lead in the competition.

Being aware that in Usak Seramik, a sustainable customer satisfaction is only possible with a high level of employee satisfaction and happiness, to provide the best working conditions and environment, and to encourage team works so that they are able to improve themselves and learn.

To cut the bad quality costs and by doing so, to increase the profit year by year. To interrelate with our supplier in the mutual benefit basis.

To respect all the legislations related to environment and values of the society in our field of activity, to take responsibility for our earth’s future and to encourage the efforts to prevent the pollution, waste management, recycling and environment protection in total.

To respect all the regulations related to occupational health and safety in our field of activity: We provide healthy and safe working environment through assuring the risks against all the possible woundings and impairment of health.

To increase the effectiveness and productiveness of the Quality Management System and to provide continuous development of it.