Uşak Seramik to Build Solar Power Plant

Energy Diary - Uşak Seramik will establish and operate a solar power plant with an installed capacity of 15 MW within the borders of Ulubey district of Uşak.

Uşak Seramik Sanayi A.Ş. It is planned to establish and operate the Uşak Seramik Solar Power Plant (GES) with an installed capacity of 18.66 MWm.

Within the scope of the project, which is worth approximately 197.5 million TL, solar power plants will be established in 4 fields on an area of ​​approximately 225 thousand square meters. 33,939 solar panels and a total of 54 inverters will be used in the power plants to be established. In the Solar Power Plant, the direct current produced by photovoltaic systems that follow the sun on a monocrystalline single axis will be converted into alternating current with the help of electrical energy inverters. The electrical energy produced at the power plant will be transferred directly to the public's Interconnected Network Line.

Haber Tarihi: 10.02.2023